A toss into inertia

​The morning sun glow Still falls on my face: To stir me up, everyday.    The incessant bird chirping Still resonates from far, To remind me of, the uncharted land!   The nightfall's scented breeze, Still caresses, still hugs me To kindle all senses, liberate me.   The world is just as beautiful. Only perhaps [...]


Fold Hands

​Embrace, we blend, we clasp hands Time together slips like sand. We feel our energies surpass this land, Swear a forever-behind each other we stand.   Why then giving way to questionable sorrow, Slightest absence creates the greatest hollow? Unsolicited doubts deluge the bowl: Am I with myself not yet one and a whole?   [...]


Unmoving, stuck in a corner Rejoicing, growing stronger Deep recesses running rot Celebrating the blissful lot   Refuse to just slightly budge Recollecting the tender nudge Promising - not sad Sitting there; pallid clad   Then, away the gloom cover sucked Contemplation it did disrupt Stood up, drawn to the new pull Suction toward more [...]

Touching a touching bud

​Like a little bud Upright, in mud Limiting but live To touch, thrive   Earth bears, blinks Sun sheens, winks Breeze blows, beams Rain drops, gleams   Sometimes is beheld, Eyes warm not chilled Marvelling, to know, Excitement aglow.   Outreaching hands, Dig in to understand.   Squashed charm. Shoal better than harm.

Guess Games

Witnessed who's the wittiest? With the whole world wondering He winds the picture  His way Revealing the worth of said words    Served with some simple lines While you patiently play guess games Hitting and trying, sitting and crying Reasonable, optimistic, complacent    Enveloped in mystery no more You've thought you're sure Those words of [...]

Billion Times Better

​A void dug out, in. Than vast platitude Pleasure of fulfilment Than plain fantasies   Having something to fill Than having no gaps at all To add colours into it Than be no art   Sharded pieces Of the miraculous iridescent light Rather than nothing at all; For a no-(w)hole    A momentary submersion  Into [...]